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The Swedish Advertising Agency

As advertising agency, our success is and always has been built on our customers’ successes. Another important factor is how we for the last 40 years have cared for our customers brand. In 1991 we were recognized as Sweden's first digital advertising agency, in 1994 we made Europe's first large digital photo shoot with 150 digital images.

We believe in keeping on building our brand and our reputation is the way to meet the challenges from our competitors in the future.


The fact that we always have worked with leading companies and brands in different market segments has made us very knowledgeable about how to master all types media and combinations, and how to successfully combine goods and services from completely different industries. Knowing the mechanisms that determine which combinations that will be successful, both in terms of marketing and economics, is one of our primary strengths today.

Creativity - our strong side

We develop and produce communications solutions in all areas. This makes it possible to convey the company or the campaign's identity, style and spirit in the same way in all media channels. As you know, this is vital for building and maintaining a strong market position. We are also your partner for brainstorming and exchanging ideas, and can put those into action in the marketing solutions.

In order to prevent any senses of limitations in creative work, all prices are fixed.

Of courser this also facilitate budget work and planning of market initiatives.

Reach more people through Marketing Partnership Strong brands can strengthen their positions by using the power of the synergies occurring when marketing is made together with another strong brand. Marketing Partnership can provide exciting results just by finding two brands displayed in an unexpected but realistic situation that people could identify and see themselves in.

Nuts and bolts

- We have a working model for the development, implementation and follow-up of national as well as international concepts and advertising campaigns.

- The development of Corporate Concepts, parallel development of product and communication or campaign concepts is always preceded by dialogue with end users and an internal survey to give a picture of reality.

- When the concept and strategy are complete, these are balanced against the graphic design.
- The creative team gives life to thoughts and ideas with graphic design and text to the finished product.

About us

We are in B2B and Consumer Marketing and have during the years, 40 years, many success together with our clients. We have alway aim to work with the leading companies and brands within their business and market segments.

This means that we have always been at the forefront of development technical and in marketing. We therefore have a multifaceted experience and knowledge of marketing and master all media combinations.​​

What do we offer?

✔ Communication solutions

✔ Business concept

✔ Advertising campaigns

✔ Corporate Concepts

✔ 3D design - animations

✔ Logo design + brand plattform

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